Farmville Country Escape

Farmville Country Escape

Game Producer
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Farmville Country Escape is a captivating and immersive farming simulation game that I had the pleasure of producing. As part of my role, I oversaw the development and management of the game, ensuring smooth and efficient progress. The game offers players a chance to manage their farm, with engaging mechanics such as crop cultivation, animal care, and goods trading. Players can also connect with their friends, helping each other to progress and compete in weekly events. The game has been well-received by players worldwide, with millions of downloads and positive reviews, demonstrating the success of our team's hard work and dedication.


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  • Project Management for Farmville CE: Directed project management efforts for Farmville - Country Escape, overseeing the vision, scope, schedule, and resource plan for software development on both PC and mobile platforms, catering to a global player base of over 50 million users.
  • Stakeholder Management: Orchestrated stakeholder management during the QA cycle, collaborating closely with Lead QA and external QA vendors to ensure transparent communication and alignment of priorities, resulting in efficient bug resolution and quality software releases.
  • Release Management: Consistently delivered on-time software releases by effectively coordinating feature integration, adhering to project timelines, and ensuring prompt availability of builds.
  • Sprint Planning and Management: Led sprint planning activities, facilitated daily scrums, updated project timelines and reports, and managed bug triage processes within project management tools like Jira, ensuring smooth project execution.
  • Play Store Review Analysis for Product Improvement: Analyzed user reviews on digital distribution platforms like the Play Store, identifying critical feedback and integrating user insights into product enhancement strategies to improve software quality and user satisfaction.
  • Localization Coordination: Collaborated with international localization teams to develop plans for software narrative translations, ensuring timely delivery aligned with project milestones and global market requirements.
  • User Feedback Management: Organized and conducted user feedback sessions, gathering insights on software features and functionality, and effectively communicated feedback to development teams for iterative improvements.
  • Resource Capacity Planning: Managed resource capacity planning for software feature development, optimizing resource allocation and project timelines to ensure efficient delivery and utilization of development resources.
  • Test Plan Review and Management: Conducted thorough reviews of test plans, with a focus on test coverage and effectiveness, ensuring comprehensive testing strategies for software features and functionalities.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation: Directed resource allocation strategies to optimize team productivity across development, design, and quality assurance, facilitating efficient software development and delivery.
  • Live Operations Planning and Execution: Developed and executed strategies for live operations, ensuring continuous software support and maintenance to keep users engaged and satisfied post-launch.
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